Monday, June 8, 2015

Final Questions

1. I feel I am strong in my creativity as a photographer and an artist. I also feel that my strengths are in color as well. Connecting colors and making color choices is something I feel I have always been strong in. Something I need to work on is steeping outside of my comfort zone and trying new techniques in both my photography and my art in general. I tend to do what I am good at and not take risks, which is something I want to change.

2.I think I have definitely grown as a artist this past semester. I have stepped out of myself a little more and pursued new opportunities with my art. I have also made some finite choices in my future and committed my self to a future in the performing as well as the visual arts.

3.I loved taking photos around Seattle for my photo essay. I get to see the city from an artistic POV and I feel that that project produced some wonderful photos. I would love to do more street photography in the future.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Photo Essay: The Best of Seattle

The Space Needle In Seattle, Washington 2015

A Horse Driven Carriage In The Heart Of Seattle, WA 2015

The Pike Place Market, 2015

Street Art In Downtown Seattle, WA 2015

Local Street Busker Outside Of The Pike Place Market, 2015

The Experience Music Project Museum At The Seattle Center, 2015

One Of The Many Sculptures Inside The 
Chilhuly Garden And Glass Museum At The Seattle Center, 2015

People Gathering Outside Of The Pike Place Market, 2015

One Of The Glass Features In The Garden of The
Chilhuly Garden and Glass Museum In The Seattle Center, 2015

The Sign Marking The Entrance Into The Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA 2015

I wanted to photograph the city of Seattle from both a cultural point of view as well as from a tourist point of view. Sites like the Seattle Space Needle and Pikes Place Market are iconic locations of the city, and I wanted to mix photos of those sites with photos of little beautiful moments I saw throughout the city. From this experience I learned that by looking at an entire city with an artistic eye I am able to see details that I wouldn't have seen before. Having never been to Seattle previous to this experience, I can positively say that I would love to go back.

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